Smith Street


This modest robust house honours the true value of the common brick. It celebrates it's inherent load bearing capabilities, sense of security, thermal mass, ease of adaption/flexibility with lime mortar and it's familiar beauty. 

The single storey U shaped base allows detached, semi-detached and terraced street configurations. The load bearing brick walls support a flat engineered timber roof deck designed to allow rooftop extension and adaptability. This deck supports a roof pavilion and terraces surrounded by deep green roof planting. 

The house is arranged on a standard modular grid of individual internal lime washed brick rooms set apart from each other, with cavities of varying width that provide structural bracing, alcoves, service voids and generous layers of insulation for thermal and acoustic comfort. These chambers are enveloped by a single leaf of external brick chosen to suit local context or client's preference. 

The house has been designed to suit current client needs, however, rooms are suitably generic for any future change in use. Joinery is intended to be 'loose' to enable occupants to furnish each space with their own style or character.